WELCOME TO Okonomi Japan ~お好み日本~ !!

*お好み – okonomi, 日本 – nihon

♥ About this blog

Okonomi Japan is a blog all about Japan.Okonomi” means “as you like” or “whatever you like”, so I post whatever I like!! lol I write on all kinds of topics related to Japan.

I share about

  • lifestyle
  • culture
  • trends
  • food
  • news etc..

from 100% Japanese perspective.

♥ Who I am

  • My name is Okonomi (not my real name).
  • I’m in my 20s.
  • I was born and raised in Japan ,and I am 100% Japanese.
  • Currently I live in my hometown which is located in the same region as Tokyo called Kanto area.
  • My passions are kawaii stuff, food and music!
  • I studied abroad in California, the United States for 6 months when I was a sophomore in college.
♥ Why I started this blog

I have been in love with American culture watching 90s TV shows (Full House etc.) and movies (Home Alone etc.) since I was a little girl, but there was no way of knowing the real life style in the States. I was under the impression that the life shown in TV shows and movies was real. I realized it was totally different from movies when I moved to America :0

So here I am for those who want to know the real Japan!

I have met so many people who are interested in Japan and then I have become a proud Japanese! I would like to share Japanese daily life, culture, trends, food and events etc. from Japanese perspective.

♥ Who I dedicate this blog to

I dedicate this blog to those who are in love with Japan, curious about Japan.

Hope you enjoy this blog 🙂 ♡