Japanese Snack & Drink Flavors You Will Only Find Outside Japan

I have seen so many Japanese snacks and drinks are sold in Canada. But I realized that even though they are Japanese they come in more flavor options than we have in Japan. I’d like to share what flavor of Japanese snacks and drinks you can find overseas but in Japan.


Puchao (ぷっちょ)

Let’s start with my favorite candy, Puchao! Puchao is a chewy soft candy with gummy bits inside. I was happily shocked when I found Puchao here. I’ve never seen Puchao was sold in any foreign country, so I brought Puchao from Japan as a souvenir lol

As I remember grape, ramune soda and cola are the regular flavors of Puchao in Japan. 

Tapioka Milk Tea

This does taste like an actual boba milk tea!!!!!! 

Melon (Cantaloupe)


PRETZ (プリッツ)

PRETZ is a pretzel snack. The regular flavors in Japan are salad and tomato.

Korean Seaweed 

★Koikeya Potato Chips (湖池屋ポテトチップス)

They come in salt, consomme and seaweed in Japan.



Ramune (ラムネ)

Basically in Japan, I don’t see a variety of ramune in stores. But in Canada, if they carry ramune, almost all the stores it comes in fruit flavors.

Grape, Melon, Peach and Orange

CALPICO (カルピス)

We have CALPICO® Concentrate which comes in fruit flavors.​ However, I don’t think I’ve ever seen flavored Calpico in 500ML bottles or 1.5L bottles.

Mango, Strawberry, White Peach and Lychee

There might be part 2, if I find more interesting flavors(*^^*)

Stay tuned!!

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