Kawaii Workshop in Toronto

Guess who came to Toronto all the way from Japan! Mr. Sebastian Masuda, an icon of Harajuku Kawaii fashion♡ I have never dreamed that meeting with Sebastian Masuda in Canada could happen in my life!!
He brought his participatory art project called “Time After Time Capsule” to Toronto! This event was part of New Generation Kawaii Tour!!

Who Is Sebastian Masuda? 

Sebastian Masuda is one of Japan’s most famous artists and a founder of the Harajuku Kawaii culture. He is also known as an owner of 6% DOKI DOKI and Kawaii Monster Cafe, and an art director of Kyary Pamyu Pamyu.

What Is “Time After Time Capsule” Project?

(Image by The Japan Foundation, Toronto https://jftor.org/)

Time After Time Capsule is an ongoing art project which invites the public to contribute cherished personal items to fill translucent sculptures that will travel around the world. All sculptures will be gathered in Tokyo in 2020 to mark the Tokyo Olympics, and will then be displayed as a monumental art piece for public viewing.

At this event, we wrote letters to our future selves in 20 years and decorated letters to put in the teddy bear capsule. In 2039, the sculpture will be returned to Toronto where participants of this project will be able to reunite with the items and messages they contributed years earlier. It’s sooo cool, isn’t it? I really need to come back to Toronto in 20 years for the reunion!

What Is New Generation Kawaii Tour?

(Image by The Japan Foundation, Toronto https://jftor.org/)

This tour is helping to spread kawaii culture to Canadians! For the first time, Sebastian Masuda visited Montreal and Toronto to give you insight on the history of Japanese street fashion and his involvement in the kawaii movement. Now, the word “kawaii” is used all around the world and to each, it may have its own special meaning. The title NEW GENERATION KAWAII is emphasizing the evolution of the word and the power it now has to our global community. During this tour, we want you to have your own kawaii experience and find what that word means to you!

(Source: Ghost Girl Goods https://www.ghostgirlgoods.com/)


★Event Report


Sebastian Masuda gave us a small introduction of Harajuku and its culture. He also shared his definition of “kawaii” with us! I really loved it!

He explained “kawaii” is kind of philosophy, it is having your own microcosm in yourself. That is your own world that no one can bother. You may think Kawaii = colorful, but it can be all black or anything. “Kawaii” is something that is you and no one can change. It’s the way to show what you enjoy and your confidence!

How cool is that♡ Now I love “kawaii” culture even more.


They offered us so many cute materials to make our own kawaii treasures!

I’m not going to tell you what I wrote on the letter. This is how I decorated 🙂

Now you know how old I am haha

After we finished decorating them, we put them into the time capsule.


It was such a great opportunity for me to see Sebastian Masuda, I also got to talk to him and learn about “kawaii” culture in Toronto. I loved seeing people enjoy Japanese culture and I’m so happy that I became part of the Time After Time Capsule art work . Hopefully I will see the time capsule at the Tokyo Olympics and in Toronto in 20 years! 

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